Crater warranty letter

How long does it take to heat up?

Crater heats up quickly, in about 30 seconds from room temperature and is ready to use.

Turning off

To turn off your Crater vape pen, simply press down on the mouthpiece slowly until you hear it click once. Pushing it all the way down will make it pop back up again, so please keep in mind that it only needs to be about 90% of the way down to be off.

Temperature settings:

There are 3 temperature settings for Crater, which can be adjusted by you using the white LED just under the mouthpiece to whatever you prefer.

These temperatures are:

LOW at 190C and colored YELLOW

MEDIUM at 200C and colored ORANGE

HIGH at 210C and colored RED

Will it work in cold temperatures?

Crater vaporizer pen works in extreme temperatures as long as the device itself is kept in a warm place. If you are out in temperatures that are freezing or below when you have Crater on you, put it in your pocket to keep it warm and dry. If it does get freezing, reheat it and make sure it's dry before you attempt to switch it on and use otherwise you could experience problems. If it appears dead however, don't lose hope - give it a charge and it will come back to life.

Cleaning of the device

Cleaning your Crater vaper pen as regularly as you can manage but definitely at least after using 12 times is important for optimum top performance and longevity. As Crater is a device that gets hot when it is being used, stay safe and wait for it to cool down before you start the cleaning process.

How to clean Crater?

Cleaning Crater can be simple but it is important that you follow each step closely to ensure that it is as clean as it could be.

Step 1: Remove the mouthpiece from the device, this should be cleaned simply with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol. Don't replace the mouthpiece until it has thoroughly dried after you have cleaned it.

Step 2: Clean the body: you should start by removing the mouthpiece and lid, you should dampen a pipe cleaner with some isopropyl alcohol to use on the device. Starting from the mouthpiece, you then need to insert the pipe cleaner through the stainless steel vapor tube until it pushes out the oven screen at the other end. You should also use the pipe cleaner, a swab or cloth to clean the oven area and the screen.

Step 3: Clean the lid by using the wipes provided.

All these steps should clean the device properly and you will be left with a shiny and new device which is a pleasure to use regularly.

Important: When you are using the pipe cleaner, please be careful not to let any of the alcohol to drip on the white LED as this could damage the device.

When should I replace the oven screen?

The oven screen on Crater only need to be replaced every few months, this time frame of course only apply if you are looking after it properly. Every time when you clean the device you can soak the screen with the mouthpiece in some soapy water or isopropyl alcohol, this will help the screen last longer which means you will not need to replace it as often. When cleaning the device, make sure that there is no grime build up on the edges of the screen, this will mean that the vapor will travel smoothly through it making for an awesome experience every single time.

Mouthpiece & Lubricant use

Sometimes the mouthpiece of Crater can get a little sticky. There is a way to rectify this problem: using the Crater mouthpiece lubricant. A small drop of the lubricant should be put inside metal mouthpiece tube and another drop should be put on the outside, then you need to use the bottle to spread the lubricant all over the mouthpiece and under the sliding ring. You should ensure that you use only a small amount and try to avoid getting any of it on the LED when you reinsert the mouthpiece to help avoid any problems. When you do reinsert the mouthpiece, press down on it a few times to distribute the lubricant to the rest of Crater.

What's recommended to use with Crater?

Crater should be used with aromatic blends, plant based products like camomile and peppermint. It is not recommended to use any type of liquids like glycol, glycerin and e-juice in the device. This is because it can drip into the device and scorch the oven which can make the device not last as long as it should.

Why is Crater the best portable vaporizer?

Crater vape pen is very effective, easy to use, extremely portable, discrete, small and compact, safe to use, durable, stylish, elegant, economical, has built-in long lasting 9V 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, comes with Lifetime Warranty

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